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"Zatwor 3-Games Pack" Steam keys giveaway by IndieGala

Game description

Randy Crow was an ordinary guy living an ordinary life. Nice family, 2 brothers, a dog... But then one day he went to the gas station to buy cigarettes and witnessed a brutal murder of a station salesman. By the time the police got there, it was already too late - the killer was long gone and Randy was the only guy around... That's when they took him and locked him up for good. The prison they took him to was Zatwor - the most brutal prison in the country. Aware of his innocence, Randy decided to run away! On his way is only the best security system in the world. Will you be his juror and help him in proving himself not guilty?

This game comes with trading cards

How to get free Steam key

IndieGala store started a new giveaway - today we can get a free Steam key for 3 games: "Absconding Zatwor", "Break into zatwor" and "Fiends of imprisonment"!

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