"Random game" Steam keys giveaway

Game description

In this giveaway you get random steam keys, your game might have trading cards, achievements or non! You'll never know till you get it, Good luck!


There is a limit on Steam - you can follow only 100 curators. Just unfollow some.
Manually check again that you have joined every Steam group. Then check your Steam profile privacy settings are set to "public".
YouTube task`s check always takes 30+ seconds. Just wait a little. If it still doesn't mark as completed - try to relogin on YouTube website.
Log out and log in again on GiveAway.su service.

How to get free Steam key

Hey there, we start a new giveaway! At this time we are giving away 10000 Steam keys for random games. Just complete several easy tasks on social media and you will instantly get a free Steam key.

All you need for this giveaway - Discord account, Instagram account, YouTube account and Steam level 1+.

You need to log in with your Steam account to continue.